Thank you all for taking the time to visit this website.  My name is Casey Goetz and I am running for Lee County Sheriff in the upcoming 2020 election.  

     Currently, I am 54 years old.  I have resided in Lee County since 1998.  I spent my childhood growing up on our family ranch in Cameron.  My grandfather passed away my Sophomore year of High School and the decision was made that I move in with my Grandmother to help her with her family farm between Thrall and Thorndale.  I spent the remainder of my Sophomore, Junior and Senior years involved in football, basketball, and track, and graduated from Thrall High School in 1984. 

    Serving God and my fellow man has always been my passion and, in October 1988, I attended the Travis County Sheriff's Academy. After graduating from the academy, I started my law enforcement career at the Hays County Sheriff's Office.

     I worked for Hays County Sheriff's Office for a very short period before moving on to the Taylor Police Department, though I would soon return to Hays County. I continued as a Hays County Deputy until I started my career with the Texas Department of Public Safety in May 1992.  I have been very blessed by the LORD, who has rewarded me through continued promotion up the ranks within the Texas Highway Patrol to the rank of Major. After 28 years and 10 months in law enforcement, I retired from DPS in August 2017, though I still have my commission carried as a Special Ranger.  

       During my career with the Texas Department of Public Safety, I was fortunate to be involved with many different aspects of law enforcement.  With each promotion came additional responsibilities, ranging from additional personnel to additional supervisory tasking. 

    During my career I was tasked with overseeing various programs, ensuring they met their goals and improved in their operations. Some of the programs and personnel assigned to me were: Civil Disturbance Management Teams (Riot Teams), Regional Honor Guard, the State Crash Team, the State Canine Program, the Department's Dive Team, and the Department's Marine Unit.  

     Of course, I would not have gotten very far without the continued support of my family. I met my wife, Jo Ann Mikulencak, in 1987 and we were married two years later, starting our family.  We have two incredible children, Chase and Calah, and recently welcomed our daughter-in-law, Imogene, into the family.

     I am proud to say that my family has chosen to dedicate their lives to public service, working in some form of law enforcement or another.  Jo Ann has worked for the Texas Department of Public Safety for 25 years and is currently the Public Safety Communications Service hiring specialist in Austin. Our son and his wife, Chase and Imogene, work as prosecuting attorneys.  Our daughter, Calah, works for the Texas Department of Public Safety in Mineral Wells where she is the Communications Supervisor over the Mineral Wells Communications Facility.       

    I have had no greater honor than to have served the citizens of the State of Texas and Lee County as a law enforcement officer, and now as a Pastor at Tanglewood Baptist Church in Lexington.  God is first and foremost in my life.  He has richly blessed me far above anything I could have imagined.  It is only because of God's blessings on my life that I have been able to succeed in my career and in my personal life.

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